Outer Banks 2014

One of the traditions they have at amongst the mormon UVA law students is to rent a beach house together in the Outer Banks, NC, during fall break.  I have some of my best law school memories here.  This trip was just golden.  The weather was absolutely fantastic and we had some really fun times.  One of my favorite things we did was have a dance party, just us and our besties after the babies had gone to bed. 
 beach goes on and on.  this was ours everyday.

 she loved the ocean!

 had so much fun with the bylund's. yes, we are actually related. didn't know them until law school and found out brett and I are 3rd cousins. 

 classic quist pose.
 the absolute best donuts in the world.  duck donuts, you are my fave.

we love you outer banks!

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