what has happened to personal blogs? i feel like that aren't that many unless you made it big.  ha i forget about this blog a lot, but then when i do go back and read it i love it.  i love reading about things that i honestly would probably forget over time.  and i actually still read certain blogs everyday, or whenever they post. i still love blogs.  anyways, i figured i'd give a little update on life.
 santa was a no go
 she was a pretty cute wise man though

 she loves her elsa doll

 this girl loves animals
 bus rides:)

just a few little snippets of things going on around here.  i could post so many pictures and different things we've done over the past few months but hopefully i'll get to it later. 

we are going to be moving from virginia in may and it's pretty crazy that our 3 years are up! i've absolutely loved living here and will miss it so much. we've made some amazing friends and just had some great experiences. not to mention, i love the trees and green everywhere. but i'm actually ready to move on in life. i'm ready for us to move to the next step, careers, more kids, and down the line a house and just settling down.  we will be moving to las vegas in august/september where nate will be working for a law firm.  i'm a little nervous for him to have a real job since his last school year has been pretty chill and we see him a lot.  but i'm so ready to live closer to our families. after having elin, i've realized how amazing it is to be close to family and have your kids grow up with cousins and grandparents close so i'm excited for that.  so for now we are going to just live it up being students and enjoying every last minute on the east coast!

p.s. does anyone actually read this blog? i've thought about making it private since it seems its basically for my own personal use.


lake powell

 driving the houseboat with papa

 lake powell is my heaven on earth.

 this is how hard the kids played. every time we got in the boat, they were out. we would go on boat rides if we needed our kids to take a nap.
 she played with the buckets of water for hours everyday. 

 see why i love it?!!

 silly girls
 dancing with garrison

 grandma's bday was at lake powell.  we had a piƱata, went on a family hike, went water skiing, fireworks, sparklers, and treats. 

 she played so hard she fell asleep at lunch. ha
 goodness she's cute.

 niece and nephews
 elin loved the waverunner. every morning after breakfast, we would go on a long ride. 

lake powell was amazing this year. i hadn't been in a few years so i really appreciated being able to go. nate wasn't able to go since he had work. even though the ac went out, we still had a blast and time and time again this proves to be my favorite vacation!

the rest of the summer

 nate's family came and stayed at my parents house in logandale for the weekend.  we had a great time just hanging out and spending lots of time in the pool.

 she liked this, most of the time. 
 we visit petsmart quite often. 
 elin in grandma dorothy's bowl with uncle zac holding it.

 first time riding a horse, with her papa
 friend day
 santaquin rodeo
 nate and i had a quick trip to atlanta and we had a good time.

 we love splash pads!
 train with the girlies
 4 of us ate this on date night. haha

 saying goodbye to these cuties
 love this girl
 went with my parents to their ward campout

 spending time with her aunties at thanksgiving point
 friend day!
 oh utah, you have the best sunsets
 snuggling with uncle zac
 more horses, i think this girl loves them.
 and she really loves dogs. her and chloe.

 4-wheeler with grandma. she's obsessed with these.
 darren's baptism day. such a special kid.
 e with her cousins, anders and scottie.
 my beautiful nieces on their blessing day. sloane and scarlett.
all the grandkids-check out e's face. haha
 one of the best ladies in the world.
 doesn't get better than this in the summertime.
 saying goodbye to uncle noah
and ready for our red-eye to virginia. 
so long summer, you were one of the bests!