Summer Fun 2015

I think I might actually try to catch this blog up for my own personal journaling. Here we go...
This past summer we lived with nate's parents for half of the summer and my parents for the other half.  Neither of us wanted to live with each other's parents and so splitting the summer was our compromise. E and I had a great summer enjoying our last few months together.

Strawberry days with the cousins.

Golf date at gladstan. 
34 weeks. I swam quite a bit this pregnancy since I had a pool in the backyard. It was so nice!

Stadium of Fire with Journey. It was such a great show. Well, the music was great. The rest of the show is kind of lame, in my opinion. I struggled sitting there for so long but elin did pretty well until the fireworks.  Then she lost it and we had to leave. haha

Practicing being a big sister!

Zoo day with the cousins.
Elin and her beloved cousin, Rory. She seriously is obsessed with him.

Lucky girl played in the pool constantly.

Beautiful summer night with a double rainbow. We played with the cousins at the park and then enjoyed the evening together.

Fun night up the cabin with cousins. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and played by the river.

Sure was nice to be home for the summer.

It sure was a good summer!

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