DC visit and Visitors

My brother, Jade and his wife, came to visit us in Virginia.  We had a great time. We stayed a couple days in Charlottesville and then headed to DC for a couple of days. I love to visit DC, there are always so many things to do. 
Scarlett and E got to hang out.
Arlington Cemetary. It was our first time and I really loved it there.

We had to walk the mall. 

We walked up to the capitol one night from our hotel room.

These guys love food like us and so we had a great time taking them to some of our favorites and also trying new ones out. My must visit if you go to DC are Founding Farmers for any meal(some of the best meals of my life were eaten here) and Good Stuff Eatery. Best burger and get the toasted marshmallow shake. Heaven right there.

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