Let's begin the massive catch up post!

Wow! I haven't posted in so long and so much has happened since February.  I'll come back with another post because we have a new member of our family...yes I had a baby and never even announced I was pregnant. ha That's how behind I am.

Let's start with our cruise in January.  My parents took us and all of my siblings family on a disney cruise to the Bahamas and then we went to Disneyworld after. All cheesiness aside, it was a pretty magical trip.
 She's obsessed with Frozen, but was a little nervous to see them in person.
Exploring the Bahamas

 Heading to Disney's own Island in the Bahamas. It was awesome.
 She has meltdowns in crazy places. ha
 She was in heaven with all of her cousins.

 All you can eat ice cream. We took advantage of it.
 We told my siblings baby #2 was coming while we were on the trip.
 Classic Quist pose.
 Our room was awesome. We could also watch unlimited Disney movies, like anything you could think of.  Even the shows they put on every night were incredible. I highly recommend this cruise!
 Too cheap to buy the pic the cruise photographer took of us.

 Disneyworld was next! Nate had to go back to Virginia for class and I missed him so much. This part of the trip was quite exhausting for me being alone with a toddler.
 Her first ride. She loved it!
 She had a hard time falling asleep here.

The whole family minus Nate. 

After the cruise we have lots of random pics. We were really enjoying Nate's last semester of law school. He would come home and visit us during the day and be home at a good time every night. Those were the days! I miss it!
 I'd crack up every time I looked back. She is such a hoot.

 Pretending to sleep on our walk. We went on walks almost every day. Virginia is just so picturesque and Nate loves going on walks.
 Silly girl.

For Nate's spring break we decided to go to New York with our friends Brett and Sarah. It was a crazy trip but we have some memories that will last a lifetime! We got stuck in a blizzard driving up there and it took us so long. We also stopped at a Cracker Barrel because the roads were so bad and that ended up being a really bad decision for me the first night. One of the worst stomach aches of my life and I spent a good hour in the bathroom in the middle of the night using my flashlight and white noise so that I hopefully no one was hearing me. (luckily no one did! haha but we sure had some good laughs about it) We had an action packed trip because we were trying to fit so many things. Luckily the Bylund's are foodies like me and so we were able to have some really delicious food. 
 Even though it was freezing and snowy, central park was still beautiful.
 We stayed at Nate's aunt and uncles house and so we had to take the train into the city everyday. It was about an hour and ten minute train ride, one way.
 Look at that thing! Probably the best cookie of my life.
 We spent quite a bit of time in grand central station and this girl would run around like crazy!
 Freezing cold time square. One of those places you have to go once but don't care if I ever go back.

 Waiting for the subway.
 Finally a warm day where we walked 13 miles! Brooklyn bridge with our buds. 
Poor Elin got the flu on the way home and so she threw up the entire 7 hr drive!! It was awful. She also projectile vomited once and it shot up to Brett's arm. ha I'm telling you, the memories from this trip..haha
 This picture makes me sad. We played with these girls almost everyday. Elin still is talking about her besties. Love this family so much! 
 20 weeks pregnant with our baby BOY
 Look who's driving!
 Springtime in Virginia...happy sigh. 
Little party at the park for this girls 2nd birthday.
Can't believe my baby girl is 2!
  Ah these girls. They are the best. Joint baby shower for Kaylee and I.

 They know how to throw a party!
 He did not want this picture taken but, it was his very last day of school. So sad for him, he loves school. ha
 Getting bigger! 
E with some cute Virginia friends at the ball park. Softball is a big deal there and so we spent a lot of time at the ball fields. So fun. I miss being able to walk everywhere and have our friends so close to us!

More posts coming soon...

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Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Yay! Kudos to you for catching up on all the events over the past year! I did not want to even attempt that lol and just started fresh! I'm excited to read more about your new little man, so keep posting :) :) :)