so behind...

first of all, for those that still read this blog, sign up for shutterfly and mypublisher emails! i just made a picture album and only had to pay shipping! i have so many books i would like to make and i'd also like to print the blog too.

this will probably be a random post but i feel like i have to document a few things or i will never get to them.

 this is during her nap boycott days. so glad those are over.
 egg russian roulette inspired by jimmy fallon. so hillarious! and don't get me started on how much i'm going to miss this girl when her and her hubs leave after this year.

 that face, haha. 9 mo appt.
 park time
 shenandoah caverns
 so many snow days which= beanie days
 this was my baby sweater=swoon
 this storm we got 15 inches! that is a lot for here. school was cancelled so we went sledding...

 on container lids. e and i crashed. also, can we talk about how i have no snow gear anymore!
 the view from our balcony
 little charlotte's 2nd bday photo shoot.
 some of the kiddos.
 this was so funny. we had just gotten home from the store and i put the groceries on the floor.  i came back in the kitchen and elin had her head in the bag, taking bites of a tomato. this girl loves to eat.
 visiting target as a fam on my bday. this girl is such a ham.
 hanging at biltmore in north carolina.  we went and toured the largest private residence in america. it was really cool!
 pure joy
 vacation with the harrison's!
 our cute babies!

we went to north carolina over spring break and had a great time! i have more pics and other things to get caught up on but for now this will have to do. until next time friends!

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