here are a lot of random pictures from the last few months...
 she never gets sick of the swings
 babies in life jackets, haha
 mini golfing is one of our favorite activities
 this girl has gotten very adventurous. this was in between our coffee table shelves.

 i catch her reading her books in her room all the time.

 gosh i love these girls.
 a little bedroom makeover

nate's team won the law school flag tournament.
asleep at breakfast.

fun at the fair. nate won her a frog.
fun with the bylund's. nate and brett won pet fish and it was hilarious. i never knew fish were so disgusting. but we had so much fun.
bounce n' play with my main girl
easter egg hunt with friends
i took so many pictures on easter and only got like two good ones.  this was one of them.

but most of them turned out like this.

life is great!

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