7 months

this babe is growing up so fast!

on her actual 7 mo. b-day

  • her biggest accomplishment-starting crawling at 6 1/2 months. she is ALL over the place!
  • she also started to stand up in her crib and the tub
  • still loves the tub, she is a little wild in there
  • loves to eat. her fav foods are green beans and any fruit
  • sleeps through the night most nights which is fabulous
  • she is starting to become more attached to me
  • she has started squealing...great. ha
  • we love to play chase by crawling all over the apartment
  • she hates getting dressed
  • loves to find any open outlets in the house
  • she loves to swing at the park
  • we have to get out of the house everyday or i feel like we both go crazy
  • loves to have music time and read books
  • gives kisses which is the cutest thing ever!
  • she also started waving. i wave to her after i put her in her carseat.  at first i thought there is no way she is waving.  but she is consistently doing it to anyone who waves to her and some of our friends have seen her do it and are also convinced she is waving. its quite funny.
  • she is such a happy baby

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