october recap

i am so behind!! we only have one laptop and so i only blog when nate isn't using it which is extremely rare.  so that is why there are so many posts tonight.  hopefully i can get caught up over the holidays.  sorry photo overload!
 i probably should have done a separate post for this but we had visitors!! nate's parents came and stayed with us and we had such a great time.  baby e on our rotunda tour.

 these two. haha
 carter mountain apple orchard

 sleeping babies are the best.
 ny at nate's aunts house.  we went to new york very last minute over conference weekend and stayed for a mere 24 hours. can't wait to go back.
 e loves her noni and papa.

 they are the cutest.
 we love walks.

 i love virginia.
 fall activities.

 family hayride.

we go to the store quite often and i always put her in the bjorn because she is happier this way.  she grabs the carts handles and it is quite hilarious. my lil shopper.

wow, what a busy month.

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