8 months/thanksgiving

thanksgiving was great this year.  we spent it with the harrison's in dc.  it was nice to have a delicious home cooked meal(last year was a restaurant), and the company was great.
these two are 10 days apart and just the cutest.

we toured the capitol.  it was interesting but not as cool as i thought it would be.  
also, i had probably the best burger of my life in dc.  i've got to go back soon.

ugly sweater party

church selfie
8 months already!

  • E got her first tooth and it is on the bottom.  i think the one next to it is also coming. 
  • she waves all the time! it is really quite hilarious.  if anyone says hi to her she waves to them, even strangers. she also gives high fives.
  • crawls like a mad woman.
  • pulls herself up onto everything as you can tell from above.
  • says both mama and dada although i don't think she knows what they mean.
  • still in size 2 diapers. this gal is petite.
life is good!

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