6 months

 can't believe this babe is 6 months old! she is so much fun.  every stage just gets better! 
 sleeping babies...sigh
 so lucky to hang out with this girl everyday.
  • this girl is sitting up like a champ
  • scooting and army crawling all over
  • is getting a tooth so she sucks on everything
  • puts everything in her mouth
  • loves FOOD-hallelujah! nate could care less about food and i'm the complete opposite so it will be really nice to have someone on my side.
  • did sleep training and she now sleeps in her own bed all night for 10 hrs., eats, and then goes back to bed for 2 more hours. sleeping through the night is the best.
  • loves her bouncer-she is a maniac in this thing. 
  • loves baths. probably her favorite time of the day. she is wild in there.
  • loves swinging at the park.
  • she generally just loves to be outside. she gets fussy if we are home for too long.
  • still loves the stroller
  • she is in the 9th% for weight and the 20th% for height. i figured we would have a petite girl:)
my heart melts all day long with this babe and i just feel so lucky to be her mom!


jeff & mal said...

Elin is SO adorable! Glad things are well with you guys.

Amy Kay said...

haha Emma is in the 8th percentile for weight--little peanuts! Also, what did you do for sleep training? I got Emma to sleep all night for a few weeks and then we traveled and screwed her up and now I'm miserable every night.