e's first halloween! she was a cute little mouse. here she is in front of the law school.
we went trick or treating at "the lawn" which was an absolute blast.  i think i had the most fun and felt like i was a kid again.  we got so much candy. maybe the best i have ever gotten in my life.  all of the students were loving e and we will definitely go back next year! we also went to our ward's trunk or treat and also the law school halloween party.  halloween all of the sudden got exciting with a baby.
 nick nixon-presidential candidate and randy the reporter-ny times reporter (my character was a man even though they said i could also be a girl but i figured with short hair, i should just own the man.)
we had so much fun at our friends halloween murder mystery dinner. the theme was 1986 high school reunion. nate won best performance, not a surprise.  so much fun!

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