september recap

 the weather was great all month. we would get out first thing in the morning for a walk/run. this girl loves her stroller!
 can you blame her for enjoying her walks when she has this to look at?! goodness, i love it here.
 my little poser.
 got back wedding photos for josh and allie. love my family.
 just hanging at carter mountain orchards.
 trying solids for the first time.  we have some hilarious videos documenting the first foods.
 just being adorable all the time! 
 this was at the ward campout.  we were sitting around the campfire and i was feeding her a bottle.  it was very dark so i couldn't really see anything.  i reached down and felt something wet.  then i was like uh oh. my friend shined her flash light on me and this is what we found! massive blowout.  ha luckily there was a bathroom with lights so we were able to sort of clean up.  
 e went on the swing for the first time.  she loves it! 
i take so many pics of this girl. i just can't get enough! 

school hasn't been as crazy this year so i'm loving having nate home more.  we like to take lots of walks and spend our evenings together.

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