iphone photo dump

i always thought we would do something a little more special for our 5th anniversary but being 8 months prego, we opted to take it easy. it ended up being a really fun day of hanging out. in downtown charlottesville there is this giant chalkboard wall, so i thought i would add a little something to it. :)
 we went on a long drive out by the shenandoah mountains and ran into a town with the street name of bacon hollow.  you can let your imagination go wild with what the town was like, it was crazy.
nate and i love bookstores.  we checked out a bunch while we were downtown.
 i splurged. babys 1st swimsuit. i decided since we will be in vegas this summer with a pool she needed a suit. i don't think i've mentioned our summer plans but nate is interning with a judge in las vegas. we are very excited to be close to our fams with our new babe!
 so i had nate take some pics of me when i was 22 weeks. this is one of them. i remember being so depressed looking at it and thinking i was so big. HA
 nate's cousins wedding in pennsylvania back in february.
 this is a pic with no filter! i snapped it coming down provo canyon over the holidays. so beautiful. i love the mountains.
 2 weekends ago i drove to dc for amy's shower. we are 6 days apart and thought the timing will probably never be the same with other pregnancies so we got a silly bump pic.
 1st time taking advantage of the parking. i felt a little silly.
modern technology is amazing. nate's bro got home from his mission and while we were both sad we couldn't be there, we still got to feel the excitement with facetime. 

and that ends this random post..:)


jeff & mal said...

So fun! You look amazing and I cannot wait to see your babe! I dreamed you had it, but it was a boy weighing 18 pounds and wearing glasses haha

Amy Kay said...

I've been wanting to buy Baby Girl a swimsuit, too! Where'd you get yours? PS text me a copy of that bump photo, it's pretty funny.