tulip festival

can i just say that i have made some of the greatest friends here in virginia.  they have made this year enjoyable! from bachelor nights, movie nights, baby showers, sunday dinners, softball games, and hanging out all the time. all of our husbands are in law school so we are all alone quite a lot. 

a week before i was due we decided to hang out one saturday.  first we went to the crowded farmers market.  we ended up just walking through because it was so busy.  we then went to bodo's for breakfast.  my friend vanessa had heard about this tulip festival that was going on. we thought hey why not.  so we got in the car and drove about 45 min. north to the festival.  there were not as many tulips as we thought there would be but we still had an enjoyable time and the tulips were so pretty.

 on the hay ride. the driver was an absolute hoot!
me, vanessa, jenny, and sarah

what a fun day!

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