basketball girls

 talk about the best calling ever. young women's basketball coach.
we had practices every wednesday night for 2 months and then a tournament last weekend. my previous basketball experience made it so we did lots of fun drills and played games. i even played with them most of the time.
the girls are the sweetest and made tie-dye shirts so our team matched, and even the coach got one. :)
i've been so impressed with the young women here.  they are all genuinely friends. there are no cliques and everyone is just nice to each other. they are so strong in the gospel and just such a neat group of girls. i guess growing up where i did, i didn't have to be friends with the girls in my ward, and i wasn't, except for a few.  i regret that now because i see the strong bond they have. this is how young women's should be everywhere! and yes i got comments constantly at the tournament about hiding the basketball under my shirt...so funny, i guess. ha


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

K dream calling! That's so cool I bet they just loved you. Hope you guys are doing well! Miss ya cuz

Aubrey DeGraffenried said...

So much fun! I bet they loved having you coach them! And you can hardly even see a baby belly, you are tiny!