the weekend before we came back to virginia, my mom and sister-in-law, had a baby shower for baby q and i. i sent my mom a few pics and told her what i wanted and it turned out so great. we got so many nice things and i felt so blessed and lucky for the generosity people showed. now for a few details:
fruit pizza bar/mini oreo cheesecake/mini reeses cheesecake/mini blueberry cheesecake
all my favorite candy
another pic of the cute table
 so i didn't want games at my shower so we stenciled onesies and made headbands. here is the onesie decorating table, i'll have to take some pics of the finished projects.  they turned out really cute! we used stencils and fabric paint, and iron-ons.
here you can see the other table, it was for headbands. again, they turned out adorable. baby q has tons of headbands now. ha 
my wonderful mom. she spent a lot of time making sure i had a perfect shower, and let me tell you, i did!

now i just wish i was closer to having this babe. the shower made me feel a little anxious/excited because i have  so many things now. i just wish she was coming sooner. although i'm sure the next 9 weeks will fly by(yes only 9 left!).


Chelsea said...

Jan! Oh my gosh you are so adorable! Congratulations on your pregnancy, how fun and exciting!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Glad you had a great shower! You look amazing!!!