nate and i haven't explored our town as much as we would have liked to, mostly because the guy is busy. our friends amy and andrew came to town this weekend and it was so nice to have them here and have nate take a break from school. we tried to fit in as much as we could while they were here. we went downtown for lunch on saturday and walked around. downtown is so charming, i'll have to post a pic. then we decided to go to thomas jefferson's house in monticello. it was really interesting and i enjoyed the tour(it probably helped that we didn't have to pay the outrageous price to get the tour). at the end i was really struggling to make it. just the usual pregnancy woes-thirsty, need to pee, sick of standing. 

group pic. have i mentioned we are only a week apart?                  nate loves the classic kneel pose
i'm so excited about this. it will be nice to transition to 
parenthood with friends, not to mention,
i can't wait to get our girls together.
 the views were beautiful everywhere you looked. side note-32 wks.
the front of the house. i loved the door and windows in the front.

that night we went to a new restaurant and had delicious southern food and then watched a movie. sunday morning we had waffles and bacon. yes, we love our food. what a fun weekend! i wish we had visitors more often.


jeff & mal said...

Nate really does love that kneeling pose huh?! Looks like fun, you're getting so close!

Amy Kay said...

I couldn't be happier there's another kneeling photo on your blog. I also can't wait for our girls to be bffs!

Chelsea said...

Fun adventures! You look great!!