valentine's, snow, and 30 days without sugar

 had lots of fun folding baby e's clothes and getting things organized this weekend.
 so i'm not very good at communicating/expressing how i feel.  i saw this on the web and thought i would do it.  the orange sticky notes say why i love my valentine. when i first started writing on the sticky notes, i thought there is no way i can get 35. but once i got going, i couldn't write down everything i love about my valentine fast enough(cheesy, yes). i got up early on valentine's day and stuck them on our door. nate was pleasantly surprised!
 one of my birthday gifts-1 1/2 hr. pregnancy massage. this was good and bad. good because it felt so great, but bad because it made me realize how bad i hurt everywhere and wish that i could afford them weekly.
 this was my outfit to work the other day(good ol substituting). i swear this shirt fit when i put it on that morning. ha
so snow storms here are pretty much a joke. they close school for any little amount. seriously. well they were predicting a bad storm, nate and i thought nothing of it. we ended up getting 9 inches! schools were closed for 3 days. i love when i can't work. people are still out of power. any way i took this pic as nate was walking to school. he's dedicated. and thankfully it was 60 degrees yesterday and there is little to no snow left. 
and last but not least. i'm doing something a little crazy. during the holidays and the month of january i was eating a lot of junk. i'm one who doesn't have a lot of control once i start eating said junk. so i thought i'll go off of sugar for a month. i tried in january, made it like 4 days. then in february, i got serious. and by this friday, i'll have hit a month! woohoo. it has been tough. i did not realize sugar is in everything. cereal, bread, pasta sauces, ketchup, snacks, the list goes on and on.  i found some cereal i really love, even though i mostly eat oatmeal for breakfast. having no sugar has made me really experiment with some healthier cooking/baking and i've really enjoyed it. i've taken sugar out of recipes that have small amounts and i can never tell the difference. take above picture for example. i know it's hard to tell what it is.  but i've been craving ice cream like no other, so i scrounged the internet for some healthier ice cream recipes.  i found one using coconut milk and then adding in your ingredients. here is the recipe. just read my comment. it seriously was so amazing and i even had friends try it and they loved it too. by the way, i'm sure you all love pinterest as much as me, but i think everyone should start a board like this one. i love when i come across others that have made a board like this. anyways, i hope once i am allowed to eat sugar i won't go crazy. i do have to admit i feel pretty great. although i am very excited for easter candy.

so that was a bunch of randomness... thanks for reading!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Wow I am impressed with your 30 days of no sugar! That would be hard!!! You are right, it's crazy how sugar is in foods you would never suspect. Evil food corporations...

McKell said...

what kind of cereal did you find? good for you! i have tried and tried to get off sugar but i usually make it about three days and have NEVER made it through a weekend! haha (i swear it is like crack to me!)

Jannifer said...

Mckell- the cereal is called puffins. I buy the original and the cinnamon. They both have some molasses in them but no actual sugar. Nate actually loves them too, which is bad because they are a little pricy. I found them at Trader Joe's but they are probably in other stores too. I have never been able to do it either, I love sugar. Once you get past the first two weeks it isn't too bad!

jeff & mal said...

I love that board you created of recipes you've actually tried. I agree, everyone should have one! It would save me from trying crappy recipes all the time!

McKell said...

i am the worst commenter/responder in the world! that is so funny that is the cereal. when me and daryl went to alaska he was obsessed with puffins so we bought that cereal and HATED IT!!! Our diets have changed a ton since then though (can't eat the same way as when we were young and crazy!) so we will have to try them again now!