28 weeks and recap

well this is going to be a long random post, i kept thinking i would write in my journal but it just hasn't happened yet and i want to remember some of the details of my first pregnancy. 
i can't believe i'm in the last trimester! pregnancy is definitely going by fast. in 3 months our baby girl will be here (hopefully). i haven't talked much about being pregnant on the blog but here is my take on things.

weeks 4-12: i thought i might be pregnant because my boobs hurt really bad(tmi), like worse than they ever have. i came home one night after being with my cousins and nate had bought me a pregnancy test. i took it the next morning and when the line came up i think we were both in disbelief. we were moving to virginia in 3 days so we decided to tell our family before we left. i'll have to share how we told them another time.
during the 1st trimester i had a 3 week spell where i just felt crappy everyday. i had a little nausea but never threw up.  i would say the biggest thing is that i was exhausted. i literally got up 30 minutes before i had to be at work, came home and took a 2-hr. nap, and then went to bed about 3 hrs. later between 8-9.  all i wanted to do was sleep.

weeks 14-20: once i hit week 14 i felt totally normal. around 16 wks. or so we started telling our family members that didn't know and friends. i started to get a bump around week 18 but the thing that had grown the most was my poor chest. ha

 weeks 20-27: i don't really remember much during this time except starting to show more. let me tell you it is wild watching your body change! pregnancy really is a miracle. at week 22 we found out the gender. i always thought i would have a girl first but then a few weeks before the appt. i thought it was a boy. well my first thought was right, GIRL. we then waited and told our families the gender at christmastime.  i was 24 wks. at the time. then i just continued to grow throughout the weeks! had a great baby shower and got adorable things, i'll post about it later. at week 27 i stopped running. i was having braxton hicks after i ran so my doctor told me to take it easy and not run anymore.

week 28: so i feel pretty great. i would say my biggest complaint is back pain. if i don't exercise then i have a hard time sleeping at night or getting rid of the back pain.  i like the elliptical and just walking.  i also have loved yoga. i can't recommend doing that enough during pregnancy. it has been really helpful in getting rid of the aches and pains. i also purchased a belly band. why didn't i do this earlier?? it has been amazing. glucose test was this week. i actually didn't mind the drink but it did make me feel crappy the rest of the day. i also have had more heartburn this week=crappy. i hate heartburn. and i can't forgot that i am itchy all the time! lotion has become my bf the past few months. the babe has also started moving so much that you can see it from the outside. so fun.
glucose test!
i heart yoga, and this babe.

i really feel so blessed to be pregnant, it is very surreal to think we are going to be parents soon. yikes! ha but i already feel like i know this little girl and can't wait to have her here. 


Nick, Alex, & Nixon said...

So cute Jan!! You're so good with being active! I wish I were better at that while being pregnant! Your belly is so cute! I can't wait to hear more all about it! I had HORRIBLE heartburn too. If it gets unbearable ask your Doctor about Omeprezole. Over the count drug. Some docs say yes, some no. It SAVED me! None of the normal stuff helped but Omeprezole took it right away.

Amy Kay said...

I'm impressed you exercise. Sometimes I go for walks....so healthy. Did you pass your glucose test? I failed the 1 hour test by ONE POINT and so I had to do the 3 hour. But I passed!

Erin + Geoff said...

love this post.. thanks for sharing!! Keep putting up pics of that belly as it gets bigger!! miss you guys.