what a year-2012 review

 this year has been a big one for us with lots of changes. just a few highlights below:
remember when i had short hair...that was fun.
had the best job ever teaching 3rd grade.
graduated from college
nate graduated from college
hiked mt. nebo-so crappy but a hike i'll never forget.
spent a heavenly week in lake powell with my fam.
spent another heavenly week in florida with nate's fam.

lost a terrific lady, nate's grandma dorothy.
said goodbye to our fams and moved across the country on a trip i will never forget. please never make me sit in the middle seat of a u-haul again.  
 moved to a new state(virginia) and really like it!
and the biggest change by far...decided to have a baby. (got to love the "i just got out of bed pic").
i am 25 weeks!

i am excited for 2013 and all of the changes to come! hope you all had a wonderful holiday break!


jeff & mal said...

Loved the review of 2012...you guys definitely had an exciting year! So excited for your babe!

Chelsie said...

Congrats you two!! That is so exciting! I hope you (Jan) have been feeling well.

Erin + Geoff said...

great yearly wrap up!! And I love that Cora and I made one of the pictures... Miss you guys already, hope you made it back to VA safely. I expect to see MANY more belly pictures on here as you get bigger!!

Chelsea said...

I had no idea! Congratulations! Hope you're doing well!!