florida part 1

being on vacation for 10 days means one thing-lots of pictures and lots of fun.

we went to a tampa bay vs. red sox baseball game. i don't know what it is but baseball is just so boring to me, even live, unless it's the playoffs. plus it was inside, but we made the most of it.

we stayed at a beach house on anna maria island, off the coast of florida. we had a 2 min. walk to the beach with a private walkway. it was fabulous.

we watched the sunset every night. it was always so different and beautiful.

 the tower

quist fam minus zac. right before the pic nate said "i'm going to do my jon quist face." that's his dad. i think he did pretty good. ha

does anyone else find baseball super boring??

 more parts to come!


jeff & mal said...

i would agree that baseball is pretty boring. though i did enjoy the yankees game we went to last year because i just people watched the whole time. looks like you guys had such an amazing trip!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Yeah I can never sit through a game on TV, it's so boring! But I find live games okay! Sounds like a very fun trip! You are super tan, I'm jealous ;)