a walk down memory lane

 this isn't the post i thought i would be posting. nate's grandma passed away on sunday the 22nd. she has been in pain for a lot of years but her passing was unexpected. i've only been in the family for 4 1/2 yrs. but during that time i feel like i really came to know and love grandma dorothy.  nate and i took her out on the town a few weeks ago.  we went to dairy queen and bought her dinner and dessert and then just sat and talked. we then went back to her house and talked some more. it was a fun night and i am so glad that we were able to spend that time with her.  other times whenever her and i would just talk, i felt like i could talk to her about anything. i also asked for her advice on different things. she was such a neat lady and i feel so lucky to have known her. i owe so much to her. she joined the church when she was a young mom and because of that the gospel is now so strong in the quist families. she served a mission and bore her testimony to us many times.  i will miss her so much, but know she is happily reunited with many people, including her dear husband.
grandma and i at brick oven a few years ago.

grandma and nate and i at graduation.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

That is awesome that you guys got to spend some quality time with her before she passed!!! And thanks for the kind comments on my post :)

Chelsea said...

Aww, she sounded like a great Grandma!

Erin + Geoff said...

i loved this post Jan.. it is a great tribute to Gram.