lp 2012

 3 years had passed since i had been to powell. -way too long! this trip was so great. my whole family(minus a few babies) were there. i swam, read, skied, worked out, ate a lot, hiked, boat rides, tubed, dance party, card games, floating island(see below), and more food. time for pics
floating island. we talked my mom into buying this at sam's club before the trip. what a purchase. it was giant. we were on it constantly. one of the last days we, or should i say my brothers, came up with this great idea. we stood or sat on the floating island and someone got on the wave runner and sprayed us with water. it was a riot.
 baby brielle and i.
 spent lots of time with these kiddies. they are so great. 
 my favorite place on earth.

 s'more night, 4th of july. after, we watched the many firework shows around the bay.
tubing with these 4 kiddies. i also went tubing with garrison, we had a blast.

not pictured is the funniest picture ever. we had a little photo shoot up on the rocks and the boys bared their legs. i'll have to get a hold of it. 

it was so hard to leave because i'm not sure when i will get to go again.

up next: a trip to florida. i leave tonight with some of nate's family and nate will come a little later in the week. we come back on the 21st. it should be a lot of fun! hope everyone is having a great summer!

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