mt. nebo

so last week nate's cousin was in town and he wanted to hike mt. nebo.  we decided to go along with him and willy(nate's cousin). let me just start out by saying this was the hardest hike i've ever done and i've done some hard hikes.  we thought it was 6 miles to the top but when we arrived at the trailhead we found out it was 8 miles to the top. we also saw a poster that read "bear country." it then gave tips on how to handle bears. the one tip was that bears don't like to be startled so make noise. this resulted in every 3 minutes or so, nate and willy making ridiculous noises. -the whole hike!   
 here we are probably 1/3 of the way, feeling good at this point.
 so beautiful
 another view
well we finally made it to the ridge and it was still 2 miles to the top. it was a little later than we hoped and nate's cousins were running out of water, which meant they would have to use ours. nate and i wanted to make it to south summit so bad, but the other two were happy with the ridge. the south summit is the highest peak to the top left of the photo below. it is also the highest peak in utah county. we rested on the ridge for about an hour and ate lunch. then we took pics.
 what is with nate and kneeling pics? ha he insisted. i guess it's our new thing.
 the crew at the top
so overall the hike was 12 miles and i was feeling it the next day. i wouldn't really recommend taking this route to get to the summit, as we later found out there are shorter trails. also the hike was so steep and there were a few sketchy parts. even though it was a hard hike, i still had a great time. we are looking to hike timp in a few weeks which will be a piece of cake compared to this. 

have you been on any amazing hikes that i should know about? do tell.


jeff & mal said...

How fun! I have been wanting to hike Nebo forever, glad it was fun! Hiking in Utah is the best!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

This looks so fun! I have wanted to hike this for a while now, I love the pics you took-the views are gorgeous!

Amy Kay said...

Keep up the kneeling pics, they're a good look.