virginia trip

this post is very belated but that's okay. we went to virginia 3/22-3/25. it was fun to see where we might be moving too, and of course we are moving there now. we stayed with friends right outside of d.c. it was fun to see so many sights that i had never seen before. there are so many things to do that require short trips from where we will be.

first up, the law school. we spent a day in charlottesville and it was great. i can't wait to explore the area. it was so beautiful and green there. although i did feel a little claustrophobic because of the trees everywhere, but i'm sure i will get used to it. also we found an apartment! it took many, many hours of searching to find one. pictures will come when we are actually out there.

the front entrance of the school.

where nate will be spending most of his time in the next three years.

yes this really happened. nate's idea. kneeling in front of the white house.
the cherry blossoms were everywhere and they were so beautiful!

this was my favorite monument, the lincoln memorial
the zoo, it was free so it wasn't that great but it was still fun.

i am excited to get back out there and start the next chapter in our lives.


jeff & mal said...

What a fun place to move to. I LOVE DC and you will definitely be close enough to do many fun things. Excited for you guys!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see pics of your new place!

Taber & Rebecca said...

Funny you mentioned feeling claustrophobic because of the trees! I felt claustrophobic when I first moved to Utah because of the MOUNTAINS!