what i'll miss

getting freshly picked flowers every morning from the sweetest little boy, so cute(he picked them on the way to school)

seeing smiles and getting hugs every morning and afternoon

the hilarious things they would write and say

playing with them at recess tuesday/thursday

fun friday's every friday- usually spent on the playground

cards, notes, gifts, and pictures galore

getting a weekly note from a few students on the back of their spelling tests

caring not only for their education but also caring for them in all other ways

getting asked the funniest questions

joking with them/them joking(this is after they literally soaked me at field day)

city council every morning

times when things just clicked, love that

their cute/fun personalities

i could not have asked for a better first year of teaching. i absolutely adored my students and had such a great year. we learned a lot and played a little less, but all around had an amazing year!

 collette and i at park day
last thursday(may 31), was the last day. we had a fun morning and then i gave them a little speech. i'm not usually very emotional but as i was talking to them one last time i got a little choked up. then i told them to come and and say goodbye and i had four girls start crying. well that brought out the tears in me. i hope they will look back on 3rd grade and have fond memories, i know i will.

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Amy Kay said...

I totally get the crying part. I sobbed last year and I think I may again this year. But I can't wait for you guys to be out here!