past weekends

 our weekends have been packed with fun, just the way we like them. two weekends ago we were in vegas with my whole fam.  it was crazy, with a baptism and a baby blessing, but tons of fun.
 baby brielle and I
 sweet baby hallie
 remember this post, well this boy still likes to take pics, and we took many of them. so proud of him for being baptized.
last weekend jenny(sis-in-law) and I ran the utah valley 10k. it was such a great race. i liked the route, the volunteers, and the fans. it was a blast! my time wasn't where i was hoping it would be but i still kept a good pace.  i'm looking to run a half in a month and a half or so, anybody have any races they recommend? i was going to do the timp half, but it cost $70, which sounds outrageous.

i still have more to catch up, i can't believe how fast summer is going!

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Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Wow, you are awesome! I wish I could get into running, but I think I'll stick to biking for now! You look so pretty in the pics above, and I love the shirt you're wearing!