disneyland letters

i'm telling you when my kids write letters, you end up with some pretty hilarious results. we wrote to our favorite character at disneyland because they write you back. here are just a few excerpts (keep in mind I kept everything the same:spelling, punctuation, etc.):

Dear Minnie,
Your my favorite character on Mickey Mouse Club house. I don't watch your show eney more, because I am 9 years old.

Dear Snow White,
What age are you? How did it fill to eat a poisoned apple? Does it fill weird? So what happened to the evil queen?

Dear Ariel,
Tell Rapunzel I said Hi! How are you? How's your daughter Melody? What age are you? Your awesome, funny, and weird in the movie The Little Mermaid. Your pretty. Is ursala still alive? If she is tell her she's mean.

Dear Sleeping Beauty,
I forgot do you have a husbend? When you were little did you go to princess school or some thing? How old are you? I'm gesing your a teenager.

Dear Mickey Mouse,
...O by the way minye kissed me when I was there last. I was just going to go get an autograph and then she kissed me and I blushed. (this is a boy)

Dear Ariel,
How are you do you like live on land? What do you like better land or water? Did you eat seaweed when you where a mermaid?

oh these kids are great. hope these gave you a laugh.


jeff & mal said...

Those are hilarious Jan! So cute.

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Ok, that's it! I am becoming a teacher! These are hilarious! I bet you love your job :)

Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

Seriously funny! :)