vigor winter 5k

this race was such a blast! it was an obstacle course 5k in the snow. i thought running in the sand was tough, but i think the snow was harder. jenny and i had so much fun and decided these are the best kind of races. here we are just getting ready to go brave the 14 degree weather! my favorite little fan that was there, miss sophie. this was our last obstacle, getting over a giant snow drift. at the end, so happy to be done. it felt longer than 3.2 miles.

so there was also a part where we had to sled down a hill. please look at THIS picture. it will give you a good laugh. we did a train and went way faster than expected, at this point we were about to hit the camera man.

here are some other races i am signing up for:
Shamrock 4 mile run- March 17th
Little Red bike ride, 80 miler-June 2nd-this filled up in less than 2 hrs!!
Utah Valley 10k- June 9th

that's all for now.

if any of you would like to sign up and run with me, feel free! i think it is a lot more fun to run with friends or family!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Ha ha that looks so fun! The pic of you sledding is hilarious! Are the other races you're going to do obstacle races as well? You should do the dirty dash! I'm doing it and can't wait!

jeff & mal said...

That picture is hilarious, sounds like such a fun race! I should sign up and do some of these with you. Maybe the 10K?

Jannifer said...

Savannah-The other races aren't obstacle, but vigor does a summer obstacle that looks like a blast, I'm just not sure I'll be in town for it. You should look it up though! Mal-You really should! Ya sign up for the 10k! It would be lots of fun.