so we had stake conference a couple of weeks ago and our stake president gave us some really great challenges. i wrote them in my journal but i also thought i would share them here because they are so great and i have already noticed a difference just in two weeks. he gave us five but i will share a few with you.

1: When participating or viewing any kind of media, ask yourself, am I offending the Holy Ghost or can he stay with me? -this has been one i am really trying to work on. i don't watch a lot of tv and when i do, i realize that 95% of it is trash. also i love music. i commute 40 minutes each way, every single day, and i love to listen to music to pass the time and just chill out. i also love rap music. so as you can imagine this challenge has been somewhat hard. i have really made an effort to change the station or change the song on my ipod when something inappropriate comes on. - this has really changed so much for me. i realize that i keep the spirit almost always and my relationship with my Heavenly Father has grown. seriously, just try listening to good music for one day and i know you will be able to see and feel a difference!

2. Thank 2 people every single day, one of these people should be your spouse. -i felt like i was already doing this but now i make a conscious effort to thank people. whether it be the lunch ladies if i eat school lunch or the checkout person at the grocery store. i also realized i wasn't thanking my husband everyday and it has been good for our relationship by thanking him. this has made me happier and more grateful.

3. Arrive to church 5 minutes early. Sit quietly and listen to the music. If you do this you will have a temple-like experience. -i haven't yet experienced this but i definitely plan to make an effort on this one also. the opportunity for a temple-like experience is enough for me to try this out.

i decided to share these not because i think i am perfect but because i think most people want to be constantly improving themselves. i know i do, and i have already noticed a difference. feel free to take any of these challenges and i hope they will be an influence in your life for the better!

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Erin + Geoff said...

i really appreciate you sharing these Jan. I could use work on all three of them. hope you guys are doing well! we'll be in Provo in a few weeks for graduation, so see ya then!