little red

this was our first time doing the little red riding hood bike ride, but it definitely will not be the last. it was seriously was so much fun! the weather was great, the scenery was so beautiful, there was amazing food, and it was fun to just have girls riding. plus they have a ton of different options for mileage so there were so many different types of bikers out there. we decided to do the 60 miler since we haven't been able to train very much. we stayed in a hotel the night before and decided that since we don't get to do that very often that we should stay up and drink dr. pepper, eat popcorn, and watch some shows. some of our biggest fans met us at the end and i proceeded to get us all creamie after creamie, and other delicious food too. we had a great time staying up in logan with them for a little while.
our awesome fans
the best part of the ride was this hill we had to go down. as i started going down the hill, i thought, wow this is a steep hill. i decided to not use my brakes and see how fast i could get going. i clocked in at 40.7 mph!! it was the coolest feeling ever, well once i got over the fact that if i crashed.... anyways if you are interested at all in biking, do this ride.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Jan you are so awesome! It does look so fun, but SO hard lol!

jeff & mal said...

That looks so fun Jan! It's awesome you and your mom ride so much together.