sin city

before we made our way to sin city, we stayed in st. g and were going to hike zions but, that didn't happen. we still made it out to zions to go to some strange petting zoo and take random pics. our buds, harrison and amy.
this is the lovely hotel we stayed at. aria... it was so neat.
i could get used to this every morning. those curtains moved by the push of a button. if any of you watch bachelorette they swam at this hotel and she also moved the curtains. we got lucky because we are the only ones married and got our own private room with a king size bed. now nate wants a king size bed. haha thanks to harrison's lovely sis, we all stayed in a mini suite and had a ton of fun going to a show, eating out, & swimming.
My view in the morning.i also spent some time with my bro's family and my sweet little niece bella! all in all, great weekend.
i think i found my new favorite blog, i read back to the beginning of when it was started over the past two days at work. i love the way she is so honest about her feelings, and i think she is funny. plus her kids are adorable. check it out: runningmommy04.blogspot.com


Jordan and Chelsey said...

That hotel looks incredible!! I want to stay there :)

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Wow, spoiled! LOL that hotel looks amazing...must have been super expensive lol!

Jannifer said...

Ya we were very spoiled but I have no idea how much it was since we didn't have to pay! It's not what you know but who you know. haha We got some sweet hook-ups.