Autumn Beauty

I decided I really like the word autumn, I don't think it is used enough. I had a nice day last week with no work or school so Nate and I drove up the canyon and went to Park City. It was a beautiful day and I had been wanting to go for weeks to see the fall colors up the canyon. It did not disappoint. I took a few photos.
Even though I primarily wanted to see the red, orange, and yellow colors, the green pines were beautiful!I love the back of Timp. even more than the front. Plus I got a little of Deer Creek in there.I thought this pic ended up great...the colors are vibrant and I love the sun streaming in.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Great pics! I love this time of year too, it's so pretty outside, and lately it's been the perfect temperature!

Carly said...

Those are some awesome pictures Jan! I really like the last one! Autumn is my favorite season. It's so pretty and its not hot so thats just perfect for me! :D