Fall Wishes

Is there anything on your must have fall list? I always love shopping for the fall season and have tons of memories of shopping during this time of year!

I really want some zipper leggings. And can you believe I found them at Target for $12.99! I'm loving these fabulous clothing items and accessories. Check out this website for most of my finds.

Other wishes: I sure wish I would stop craving these..

I wish I could take a visit to this place..

And I really wish my family could all get together this weekend, I'm really missing everyone. Look at all those handsome bros..minus one, but he's handsome too.


Blake & La-Shana Francom said...

Oh.. I love your fall wish list...I have combined mine as well. I just got 2 pairs of leggings from Forever21 that I love! And I'm still looking for that perfect jacket as well!!! Hope you guys are doing well!

jeff & mal said...

And you should post more often too!
I love your blog, you do such cute things! Do you have a Polaroid camera? I love all the pictures you take, I need to take more...Ok point taken, promise I'll blog more, but maybe we should just hang out!