Well we finally got our computer and all that good stuff. So some pics are way old. This is me at my bro's house in Logandale. We spent the weekend with them two weekends ago. It was so much fun and very warm!!Grandma and cute nephews.

Chuck on his 18th b-day.

Eating delicious food at Red Lobster for Chuck's b-day.

This is clear back at Christmas. Which I guess wasn't that long ago but it feels like a long time ago. We have a tradition every year that all the girls get to go shopping at Christmas time for an outfit, which includes shoes and accesories. We spend all day shopping and go out to lunch. It is always way fun and tiring. ha Here are all the girls.




The little boys were lots of fun. They hung out together a lot. They loved the Wii!

Nate at Christmas.


The Ahlins said...

Ha ha why do you guys call him chuck?

Nate & Jan said...

I'm not really sure, it started a few years ago. I think one of my older brother's and his friends started calling him chuckie because of chuckie doll-the movie,that has red hair. ha It has just stuck. That's all I call him now.

Blake and La-Shana said...

Aww cute! Glad your computer is fixed and you can finally post :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe chuck is 18! He is getting to be an old fart!