First of all I would just like to say I think it was pretty rude that I got tagged for this. Have you realized Carly and LaShana that my last name starts with a Q!! I guess I'll give it a try for you guys though. ha

Rules are: all answers must start with the first letter of your last name. Here I go!
What is your last name? Quist
Four letter Word: Quit- which is what I feel like doing since it took me twenty minutes to think of a four letter word!!
Vehicle: QX4 Infiniti
Boy Name: Quinten
Girl Name: Quinn
Pet Name: Quad
Occupation: Queen
Something You wear: Quilt
Celebrity: Queen Latifah
Food: Quail
Found in Bathroom: Q-tips
Reason for Being Late: Quadricep exercising
Cartoon Character: Quail Man-from Doug ha
Something You Shout: Quiet
Animal: Quail
Body Part: Quadricep
Word to Describe You: Quaint-unusual or different in character or appearance. Not really but you know I couldn't find anything else. I'm not quiet. ha
Something You Would Like To Do: Quilt (I really do wish I had the time)
Place You'd Like To Be: Queen Islands, Australia
I tag: Anyone with a hard last name ha.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Quad? Now why did that name not come to mind when trying to name our puppy...ha ha that made me laugh! Q is a hard one though, i applaud your efforts!

Blake and La-Shana said...

ha you did great...for some reason I forgot it would be hard for you!