It's been a long time...

I've been avoiding blogging. It just hasn't sounded very fun lately. And with being really busy, I have had an excuse.

Life is good. Started school again, working lots, and spending each spare minute with each other. It's crazy to think we are coming up on our first year mark. It's hard to get motivated to start doing homework again..but I'm painfully doing it. I do have some pics from Christmas but we had an unfortunate event on Saturday- Nate stepped on the screen of our laptop! It was really sad. It still runs and everything but the screen is shattered. It will cost quite a bit to fix and it was starting to get slow anyways. So..we are getting a new laptop. I am pretty excited even though I was very content with what we had. Hopefully I'll get it ordered tonight. In the meantime Nate's little sis was nice enough to let us borrow hers for the week.

I wish we could go back to Christmas and do it all over again just so I could hang out with our family's every second. But I am very anxious for warm weather...can you say Lake Powell-my heaven on earth.

We have really begun to like our ward and get to know more people. We loved our calling, notice the ed on the end of love. We were the 14-17 yr old sunday school teachers. We love those kids and it was so fun to teach them. I can honestly say we were both pretty shocked when we got called in to the counselor's office. He tearfully said he had a new calling for us and asked us to be in the nursery. All of the kids in our class were pretty upset as I think we were too. ha But life goes on and the Lord gives us different challenges even though sometimes it feels like i'm going to church to babysit. This is how the kids were for the first ten minutes!! I kept thinking to myself, "What have I gotten myself into?"

All in all it was pretty good, I'm sure it will get better once the kids get to know us. Nate just played with the kids the whole time, they all loved him! I still kind of had a bad attitude and sat on the chair. ha The last time that will be done. I did get drooled all over and had to clean snotty noses though. What are you supposed to wear to church? ha I'm sure i'll figure it out.

I will add some pics when we get a computer... hopefully sooner than later.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Ha I am sorry! I was afraid Dan and I would get put in there for a while, but I bet Nursery will get better! At least you don't have to prepare a lesson every week!

Blake and La-Shana said...

Aw thats sad leaving your calling. I have the 11 yr olds and last year..08 (sounds like it was forever ago ha) I felt like I was babysitting! But now it's good. Sorry for the unfortunate ordeal with the lap top!!