Time for Some Relaxation

So pretty much the last two weeks have been really hectic with finals. Nate and I were studying and doing things every night and staying up late. I'm so glad to have that over with. I'm also way excited for a nice break and Christmas!! This will be our first Christmas together. Ah. Also through the break I have the same schedule as I did with school so I have Tuesday mornings off and Thursday's off. I'm way, way, excited!! Anyways here are some older pics.

This pic is from a Christmas party we had not too long ago. L-R, My dad, Santa, John, Nate, Jax, and Jade.

This is Nate and I at the party. It was a fun one.

This is super old, it was my Dad's birthday in October. I thought the bag was hilarious, it says spoiled rotten on it.
Also some old pics of when John got home. It will be so much fun to have everyone home for Christmas this year. (at least on my side, Nate has a bro in Brazil.)

This is like 2 years old and I found it in some old pics. I couldn't help but post it. Nicholas is one adorable boy!

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Chelsie said...

Jan your hair is adorable in the picture with you and Nate at the Christmas party. Did you chop it off or is it in a ponytail? Either way, you look great!