Is anyone else watching the NFR?
For those of you who don't know what it stands for it's National Finals Rodeo. I grew up watching this with my dad and still love to watch it. I'm especially rooting for the hometown guys. This is Kaycee Field from Elk Ridge. Him and my brother John were actually team roping partners in high school and I got to know him quite well. He'll be a World Champion someday. He is ranked in 9th place after last night.

And then of course Wesley Silcox, in the bull riding. He won the NFR last year. Wes is in 4th right now. I grew up watching team roping since my dad and brother rope in our barn and arena. Pretty fun stuff. I still have lots more performances to watch! I'm pretty jealous my dad and brother are down there right now.


The Ahlins said...

Be very jealous! I just got back from the NFR! ha ha:)

Nate & Jan said...

AH that makes me way more jealous!! I couldn't go because of school and work but I will be going one of these years. ha I love the whole rodeo seen!!