High School Tag

High School Tag and update. Things are going good just trying to finish up our school, we have two weeks left! yay. It will be nice to be done and have a break. Thanksgiving was eventful and different but the break was lots of fun, we hung out with Nate's family and we were always doing something fun. It went by way too fast.
1. Did you date someone from your high school? There were a few, ha, but I would say Nate was the only serious one that I dated. I won't name any others. ha
2. What kind of car did you drive? Well that depends on the year. I mostly drove a 91 mitsubishi eclipse that had holes in the muffler because my brothers thought it sounded cool and I had a huge amp, also thanks to the bros. It was such a fun car! My senior year it broke down and didn't get fixed for a few months so I drove our cadillac escalade(yes I am spoiled rotten, or should I say I was. ha).
3. Did you pass your driver's license test your first try? Barely, ha I got an 81 and I think you had to get an 80 or better. It was super early and I had it with Mal, Tacy, and Spencer and I slept everyday. But on the driving I got a 98, oh ya.
4. Were you a party animal? Well when there was a party I was pretty crazy.
5. Were you considered a flirt? I would say yes.

6. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir? Nope, I'm not talented like that.
7. Were you a nerd? Nope
8. Were you on any varsity teams? Basketball
9. Did you ever get suspended/expelled? No definitely not. But I did sluff way too much.
10. Can you still sing the fight song? No, I couldn't sing it in high school either. ha I guess I don't have school spirit.
11. Who were your favorite teachers? hmm... they weren't teachers but Mr. Ford, Mr. Peery, and Dennis.
12. Where did you sit for lunch? We usually sat in the "jock" hall soph and junior year. Senior year we sat just past the stairs up from the cafeteria after we had gone and got lunch at aub's house, McDonald's, Wildflower Grill, smith's, the list is endless.
13. What is your school's full name? Payson High School
14. What is your school's mascot and colors? Lion and the colors were white, silver, Kelly green, and black.
15. Did you go to homecoming and with who? Sophomore year I wasn't 16 so I didn't. Junior year I went with Nate, and senior I went with Shane Bluth.
16. If you could go back and do it again would you? I really loved high school and life was so easy and relaxing, but I love my life right now and wouldn't change it for anything.
17. What do you remember most about graduation? um I remember there was lots of drama going on and that there wasn't a ton of family there.
18. Where did you go for "Senior Skip Day?" I want to say me, aub, dave, and shane hung out and did crazy things. ha

19. Were you in any clubs? Ya, FCCLA, that was sweet, some friends and I were officers, Anti-Lacrosse(there's a story for that), I was in some stupid school spirit club and was an officer but I don't remember the name of it,ha, and DECA.
20. Have you gained some weight since then? Ya probably a few pounds, since I'm not playing basketball anymore.
21. Who was your prom date? Soph and junior year I went with Nate and senior year I went with Jorden Smith.
22. Are you planning on going to your 10-year reunion? Maybe, depends on where I live and all that fun stuff. I'd actually probably rather go to Nate's reunion, he is just a year older than me in school and I probably liked his grade better.
23. Did you have a job in high school? Nope, as I said earlier I was spoiled rotten. ha I was too busy for a job.

Now I tag Lisa, Sadie, Jaclyn, Megan, Sam, Nikki, Erin, Carly, Savannah, LaShana, Chelsie and Jessica!

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Blake and La-Shana said...

Haha oh high school...good times...I'll have to def. post this one up as well!! Glad you guys are awesome! Love ya!