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4 Things Tag
What I was doing 10 years ago:
1- 10 years old
2- ripping it up in Jr. Jazz
3- In 4th grade with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Schetselaar
4- "Going Out" with the cutest boys in Goshen. ha

What I am going to do today:
1- Work
2- Clean the house. ugh
3- Go to a really fun boutique
4- Decide where we are going or eating for dinner.

What I love about my husband:
1- His dedication to school
2- His work ethic
3- His long-term goals
4- His smokin hot body

Jobs I've had:
1- Jr. Jazz ref
2- Secretary for my dad(does that count) ha
3- Nanny to the two most beautiful kids!
4- Secretary at insurance company

Movies I have seen more than once:
1- The Notebook
2- Mean Girls
3- Something's Gotta Give
4- Tommy Boy and every Chris Farley movie there is
Places I have lived:
1- Lindon
2- Genola
3- Novato, CA
4- Provo

Places I have been:
1- Mexico,
2- Canada
3- All over Western United States
4- Lake Powell(I had to copy Megan cause I love this place!)

Places I want to Visit:
1- Back East
2- California to see friends
3- I want to go to Venice Italy cause it's like a city on water and you go around on a boat, (I love boats).
4- Somewhere tropical and really hot

TV Shows I watch:
1- The Hills
2- What Not to Wear
3- Jazz Games
4- Sex in the City

Things you don't know about me
1- I have almost 6 nephews, no nieces, we are a boy family!
2- I go to bed at 10 pm every night. And it's about to be even earlier next semester because I start class at 7am! Ya i'm nuts.
3- When I was little I had a kinked bowell. ha ask my brothers
4- I love to cook!
I Tag-A-Roonie: Anyone

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Lisa said...

Just an objection to your post....is that allowed? You said you were a Nanny for the 2 most beautiful kids but you have never worked for me or Sadie so I think it must be some mistake. Just kidding! I just had to give you a hard time about that one.