The Month of Weddings

Our very good friends Blake Francom and Lashana got married on August 2nd. It was Nate and I's first sealing, we loved it. It was so neat. This is at their reception. Nate was a groomsmen. We are now missing them a ton since they moved to Salinas California! Love you guys.

This is Nate and I after the reception. I thought it was a great picture opportunity since I probably won't get to see him in a tux very often. Notice this is the last of the hair.

These are kind of the same picture but I couldn't decide on just one. This is at Nate's cousin Erins wedding. It was a beautiful day and marriage. This is at the reception. I feel bad I don't have more pictures of other weddings we attended. We also went to Steve and Sandy Walls. Nate said the sealing was amazing. I was really sick that day and only made it to their reception and they both looked great. We are very happy for them. Also on the same day we went to another of Nate's cousins weddings, Jessica. It was also a beautiful wedding. It was fun going to all the weddings but I do have to admit I'm a little weddinged (that's not a word) out.

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