Nate's Birthday

These are just a few random pictures. Nate's birthday was on June 16th. I surprised him with Korean, which we love but is a bit pricey, and then I also invited his family over for cake and ice cream which was also a surprise to Nate. I found out his favorite cake is German Chocolate so I attempted to make my first one. It tasted good but I was in a hurry to make the cakes one morning before work and they were still to hot and they broke. Needless to say I don't think I will take the time to make a cake completely from scratch, yes not even a cake mix, again. It was a lot of work. I got him bike clothes and then we were supposed to go look at bikes together but I have a very conservative husband and we still don't have a bike. ha Jade and Jackie came up and they spent the night at our house for two nights. It was tons of fun to have them there. Nate made us some crazy tasting Kimchi rice(rotten cabbage). Nate and I's new favorite thing is lazer tagging, we go all the time so we had Jade and Jack come with us. The four of us had the entire place. And yes, to all my brothers, I won! Jade and Jackie had got in a fourwheeler accident the day before and so we had to bandage Jackie up and I had to take this hillarious picture of her before we went. The next two pictures are of Rory and Heath. Sadie and the boys ccame up for two or so weeks and on my day off we decided to take them to the zoo. Poor Sad locked her keys in her car so we were backtracked an hour and so this is the boys sitting outside waiting for the locksmith.

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