Visiting the Faheys

Nate and I just went on a little vacation over the 4th of July. We first stopped at his aunt and uncles home, Andy and Wendy. They live in Grass Valley California. It was so fun to stay with them for one night. They own a health club there and so on the morning of the 4th we went over and they put us on machines the trainers use, we were both sore for the next two days! It was really hard and fun. They also made us healthy shakes everytime we were there. All in all we had a great time staying with Andy and Wendy and their kids. It was really fun to get to know them more. We then went on down to the Fahey's. I was their nanny for 1 year for those of you who don't know. I really have missed the kids a lot since I moved back home. It was so much fun to see them! Nicholas ran into my arms when he saw me and was glued to my side the entire time. He wanted to go everywhere we went. Elizabeth was more shy as I'm sure she didn't remember me. She has gotten so big! She talks like crazy and she has the cutest little voice. I left her as a toddler and now she is a little girl. She loved Nate. At dinner Nicholas had to sit by me and Elizabeth had to sit by Nate. Me and Nate were able to go into the city on Saturday and do some things that Nate didn't do last year. We walked halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge, rode on a boat in the bay, and walked on the wharf. Of course Nate had to have clam chowder in a bread bowl. It was a beautiful day in the city. We also went back to my Singles Ward, it was fun to see some of my friends. On the last night before we left Lisa told Nicholas that Nate and I were leaving the next day and he got really sad and said, " I want Jannifer to be my nanny again." It was so cute. It was a very fun trip and I'm glad I have a good relationship with the Fahey's so that we can keep each other updated on our lives and stay close. Also as you can see Nate is growing his hair out! Who knows for how long, but it's a fun change.

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