soup, cookies, and the best jeans ever

i made this minestrone soup last week and it was delicious. i made a big pot and it lasted us throughout the week.

yesterday i decided to make meringues yesterday, mostly because i remembered liking them and there was only four ingredients. talk about time consuming. but they ended up so delicious, i'm talking eat 15 in one day delicious. they are fluffy, chocolatey, and chewy. they are so light you can eat a lot, hence the 15. this is also why i rarely make treats. here is the recipe.

now if you need some jeans, run, don't walk, to nordstrom's. they are considered jeggings but i don't think they are as light as jeggings. they are the comfiest jeans. i wear them constantly. the brand name is jolt and drum roll, they are only $40. on our annual christmas shopping trip, all of the girls got these jeans, they are flattering on everyone. don't mind my sunday night attire. or my face.

who else is excited january is almost over?!, worst month of the year by far. bring on february.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Oohh! I hope they still have some! I love jeggings! And those treats look super yummy!

jeff & mal said...

Those jeans sound amazing and you look so cute! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Those treats look awesome! And that's fun with the jeans! Although I doubt they would be long enough for me, let alone flatter me! Lol