moving on

in the past couple of years we have seen many of our friends move on and out of the college scene. it is always sad to see them go and i'll be honest, i'm anxious for our turn. just this week nate's cousin erin and her cute little fam moved to arizona. i'm so excited for all the great things happening to them. i've been lucky to have erin as a friend and a great example to me. they will surely be missed and we will especially miss seeing adorable little cora!

p.s. so far this hairstyle has been deemed the worst to grow out! here we go...

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Erin + Geoff said...

i've been out of touch in the blogging world for awhile...i just found this post of yours today! it made me sad that we have left, but happy cause i'm glad we have become good friends too! love you guys.