long overdue

i've thought countless times over the past little while to make a post; nonetheless, it hasn't happened. i don't have many pics, but i do have a few updates.

first of all halloween. i was dreading dressing up for work, mostly because i couldn't think of a costume. my awesome mil came in and saved the day with her suggestion. that's right, i was a baby. my students thought this was hilarious. it was definitely a hit with everyone. thanks to tay tay for the footie pajamas. haha

work is good. i love teaching, it is such a fulfilling job. i love my students, they are so cute. most of them give me a hug when they come and when they leave everyday. they also write me notes and draw me pictures. today i got halloween candy from them. ha they are just awesome. of course, some days are hard. mostly just exhausting, there is so much prep work that goes into teaching, it is ridiculous.

kids really say the craziest things. one of my students came in to class the other day and said, "Mrs. Quist I love Luke. (insert huge cheesy grin) He is just so cute!" one of my girls was crying in the back of the room and so i went out in the hall with her to see what was wrong. here was her response, "I told Shelly that I had a crush on Jack and Hayden told Jack!" i had to seriously contain myself from not bursting out with laughter. in the 3rd grade, we do rotations, this means i get to teach each 3rd grade class for 30 minutes on their assigned day. one day as I was teaching writing during rotations i told the class i needed all eyes on me. one boy shouted out as it was dead silent, "Tom said he's looking at your boobs." oh my gosh. i was shocked what had just come out of his mouth. the worst part is that i was wearing a pretty tight shirt. goodness. kids are great..or at least most of them. haha *all names have been changed.

nate took the LSAT to go to law school a month ago. he got his score back last week. he did amazing. i am so proud of him. it was crappy to have him study so much the last five months but it definitely paid off. it is hard not knowing where we will end up!

well i think that is all for now. hope everyone is doing awesome and i'll definitely get back to regular posting.


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

Good job to Nate on the LSAT!!! That is so awesome!

And I love the baby costume- adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute costume! And that is great Nate did good on the LSAT!

Erin + Geoff said...

you're back! good. i love your teacher stories and Congrats to Nate! you are one smart cookie. hope to see you guys soon! games?

jeff & mal said...

Yeah you need to post more :) Congrats to Nate and that's great you're loving teaching! Your students sound hilarious.