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i haven't listened to anything else since i bought this cd. i love coldplay, i have since i first heard them almost 10 years ago. their music just speaks to me. (cheesy, i know). this cd has a little different sound on some of the tracks, but overall it is just amazing. check out track 3: paradise, or track 10: princess of china featuring rihanna, i was pleasantly surprised when i heard this song and now i am obsessed with it.
as nate was studying for the lsat this summer, i got quite bored. one of my friends from school told me to watch grey's anatomy. well i did, all 7 seasons in fact. ha now i am watching the current season and i love it.

nicolitalia pizzeria...best pizza around. go for the thin crust, cheese. so good.
is there anything you are currently loving that i should be aware of?

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jeff & mal said...

I agree! Love Nicolitalia and Grey's Anatomy...I'll have to check out the album.