bits and pieces of summer

my grandma got a cabin for all of my dad's side of the family. it was so fun to hang out with everyone. one afternoon i was taking care of the cute twins and they were getting hungry. so their great grandma mashed up banana after banana and fed them. it was so cute.
ryan shupe and the rubberband concert. i had no idea who they were, but after getting up on stage and listening to them jam out, i was singing their songs for the next week. beautiful bride, jaclyn. her wedding was great and i'm so happy for her. so my old boss has a sail boat on utah lake and told us to take it out. we met him at the docks and he showed us the ropes and sent us on our way. i didn't know if i would like it but nate has wanted to sail forever. it ended up being a blast. the worst part was we didn't move much until we noticed the direction other sail boats were going, so we followed them. also, we weren't moving at all and so us girls jumped in, then of course we started moving...panic and laughing attacks ensued. can i just say how sad we are they have moved to virginia... good ol' santaquin rodeo. it's a classic. love this girl.

and meet the newest member of our fam, sophie ann. she is absolutely adorable. she has dark hair and beautiful skin. i am so happy to finally have a niece live in the state of utah!

sophie over the weekend, loving her new found freedom.

school updates soon!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun summer Jan!

Amy said...

Can I just say move to Virginia, too? Three letters: UVA. Think about it.